Blog #3

Find out how the TenMarks program is helping Rockford students improve math proficiency

Part l Summary:

This article reveals a middle school’s secrets on how to use an interactive software that helps students understand math concepts. In Rockford, Michigan, several students struggle reaching math curriculums. These types of students are placed in the TenMarks programs, which tries to help students succeed in that subject. Many teachers and principles have found success in this program. The program has a playlist that allows the student and the teacher to see an overview of how the student is doing. Teachers can change the ideas in the TenMarks program to coincide with what they are learning in class. Teachers say that students seem to enjoy using the technology and that it really seems to show improvements. There are video lessons that help guide the student along with the problem. This program helps both struggling math students and special education students. Teachers are able to monitor the amount of time each middle school student spends on a problem, so they can see what they are struggling with. The Rockford Schools, spent 3,000 dollars for the program. Students seem to really like the program and are more confident in math.

Questions and Answers:

Q1: How will the issue affect your relationship with your students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals?

A1: The use of this new program, TenMarks, would defiantly help with my relationship with my students. They would get the help and the assistance they needed and they would not feel as though they were getting “extra help” from their teacher. It is an easy way to engage the students in math and help them expand their thinking and learning. I believe that parents, colleagues, and principles would think that this program is very beneficial to the student. It has obviously seemed to help students in Rockford, Michigan and I am sure that it would show improvements with students who struggle with math. I would share this program with other colleagues that I knew, so they could use it in their teaching practices and see how well that it aids the student.

Q2: Have you ever experienced a program like this that has helped you in any way?

A2: I am currently enrolled in a math course at college that I do my homework online and it does seem to help out a lot. There are resources such as videos and examples that assist me with each problem that I have to do. I was confused on how to use the program online, but once I got the hang of it, I thought it was a great way to get work done. When I am teacher, I will assist my students on how to properly use the TenMarks program. 

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