Blog #4

How Are Students’ Roles Changing in the New Economy of Information?


Part l Summary:               

 Technology and new ideas have changed many classroom settings. Many students are used to having their teachers lecture, but with students gaining more access to information, the roles from the traditional classrooms are changing dramatically. Although students seem to have a bigger role in the classroom, they are not more knowledgeable than the teacher. Without the teachers providing the information to the students, students could not build off of the information and have a higher level of thinking. Socializing in class is not looked upon as a bad thing, but research has found that those students who are in the classroom and stay more focused on their studies tend to do better than those who do not. The positive thing about socializing is if it is on the given topic. This allows the students to build off of one another and create a bigger knowledge base. The new abundant economy of information has greater implications. This new breakthrough of excessive information will allow students to gain more knowledge and fulfill a larger role in the classroom with the teachers’ assistance.


Questions and Answers

Q1: How will the issue help or hinder student learning?

 A1: This issue will help student learning because it will allow the students to gain more access to information. By allowing students to bounce ideas off of each other they can gain more information, if the socializing in the class is on that specific topic. The teacher will aid the students in such ways that will help the student reach new goals and feel successful. It could hinder the classroom if the information was too much and some of the students felt as though they were falling behind in the classroom. This would put the self confidence in some students down and they would not want to try new things.


Q2: How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

 A2: This issue will help my teaching practices immensely. It will be very important for me, as a teacher, to provide the right amount of information for my students that they can use. I want to make sure I am a good role model for my students to gain more information from. I am their main source of learning and knowing what to do, so I want to help them in every way that I can. I think that it is a great thing that students are thinking on a higher level and are going above and beyond to become successful in the classroom setting. I want to help my students as much as I can if they feel they are struggling with this new set up in the classroom. I do not want students to feel as though they cannot be successful in the class. It is very important for everyone to reach their own individual goals no matter what!


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